Akron/Family Sign to Dead Oceans; Green Day Mentioned in This Story

Akron/Family have left their home at Young God to sign with Dead Oceans. The label will release the group's fourth, currently untitled album in April 2009, which will act as both their follow-up to Love Is Simple (TMT Review) and their first recording as a three-piece (like Green Day!). Recording began in Farham, Quebec back in early October.

"There were other record labels that we liked, but Dead Oceans/Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar was our number one first choice," Miles Seaton tells Billboard. "It was really exciting that they were interested in us."

He goes on to explain more about the new record:

I wouldn't say out of the box we sound like a whole new band, but there's a couple of extreme elements on this record. There's one track that emphasizes our fondness for extreme noise and painful, almost guttural sounds -- raw, primal noise. We've alluded to those things, but I think there are a few moments that are mashing all those sounds together, into hopefully, one seven-minute prog masterpiece.

Dead Oceans also signed These Are Powers and White Hinterland earlier this year. I have yet to get a deal.

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