Akron/Family Taking Pledges of Support for a 5k Race This Saturday!

It's one thing if you're known for your psych-folk influences, but you become a crossover jack-of-all-trades once you take on a sport. On a break from recording a new album, the members of Akron/Family will be taking pledges for the 1st Annual Vision Builders 5k Race on May 12 held at Hudson Mills Metropark in Dexter, MI. They will be "Running, Returning" in order to raise money for Vision Builders, a non-profit organization that helps to bring health care and education to children in various parts of the Himalayas.

In order to pledge for the long-haired, short-shorts-wearing musicians, you can simply visit this link. Once you are there, select 'Register Now', then 'Donate or Sponsor a Participant.' In the 'Select Your Fundraiser' option, choose 'Akron/Family(39019)'. Then you will have done some good for once.

If Akron/Family's running experience is anything like my high school cross country experience, then they will be in the locker room showers playing soap soccer in no time.

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