Alright, who’s making a shoe today? Panda Bear steps up to the plate (in his own camo kicks)

Alright, who's making a shoe today? Panda Bear steps up to the plate (in his own camo kicks)

Mere years ago, you could only experience Animal Collective through your eyes and ears. Your stupid, useless eyes and ears. Such primitive times we lived in. But thanks to Animal Collective’s partnership with Keep shoes that finds each member designing his own signature shoe, we can experience Animal Collective through the king of appendages: the foot! We’ve seen sweet, sweet kicks from Deakin, Avey Tare, and Geologist, so that just leaves our good friend Panda Bear, a.k.a. Noah Lennox. So, yeah: Panda Bear also designed a shoe! It’s called the Ramos and it’s camo and you can see it above. Concerning the shoe’s design, Lennox said “I’ve always liked camouflage patterns and I’d be lying if I said the idea of blending into the environment and becoming invisible didn’t excite me a little bit.”

Like all the other shoes in this series, all profits from the shoes will go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, because, you know, Panda Bear’s got the same love for the Socorros as the rest of the Collective. Don’t act like Panda Bear’s cold as ice; I mean, why would you even think that?

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