Amadou & Mariam return for North American tour dates this summer; we got the DEEETS

Amadou & Mariam return for North American tour dates this summer; we got the DEEETS

Get ready to be DE-mystified, y’all. See: Grammy-nominated Malian duo Amadou & Mariam have announced that they’ll be embarking on a tour of North America this June behind their most recent release — 2017’s La Confusion — and already, I can hear you asking, “La Confusion?!? But I hate to be confused! Fret not, dear reader! Here at the TMT News Bunker ®™© (*pick slide, two-handed tapping, whammy bar divebomb*), we exist only to give you the information you NEED. Dispelling “la confusion” is the name of our game, and we are the Gary Kaparov(s) of it. As such, you will find ALL of Amadou & Mariam’s upcoming North American tour dates listed below, including dates, cities/states, and venues. Simple! And convenient!

Some of these dates, however, it should be noted, are not at traditional venues; they are going to be played at “festivals” — which, FYI, are these very large, typically outdoor events featuring large lists of musical acts (also known as “lineups”) taking the stage sequentially to play truncated sets of music. Helpfully, each of these pesky “festivals” is denoted as such below — it says, e.g., “Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival” so that you know it’s gonna take place in, like, a field or whatever; and attending the concert will necessitate sleeping in a tent for couple days, parking your car in a neighboring state, using weird open air showers, mudwrestling, helping My Morning Jacket’s Jim James through a bad trip, etc.

Two of these dates are also at the “San Fransisco Jazz Festival,” and there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never seen that weird little four letter word in there before “Festival,” right? I, like you, have NO IDEA how that word would be pronounced, but I can tell you that it is a strange and very old genre of music. Not everybody “gets it” — but who knows? You may just be one of the lucky few. All jazz sounds like this:

Also, friendly tip: These are North American tour dates, but you’ve always got to read carefully. To that end, I’ve helpfully included those little two-letter things they use to abbreviate the names of states with each tour date. Now, if you don’t know the abbreviation, you might need to “Google” it (here’s a link for that), but what’s important is that you READ them, because if you don’t read “Manchester, TN,” and instead you just read “Manchester,” and you go and just type “Manchester” into your Apple Maps, and you try to go to the show, you would 100% end up driving your car into the ocean.

Okay, there you have it: that’s ALL the information you could conceivably need to attend one Amadou & Mariam’s upcoming North American tour dates. Glad we could clear everything up for you. You’re welcome. :-)

Amdou & Mariam Tour Dates:

06.06.18 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Steel
06.07.18 - Alexandria, VA - The Birchmere
06.08.18 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
06.10.18 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
06.14.18 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
06.15.18 - San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Jazz Festival
06.16.18 - San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Jazz Festival

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