AMDISCS announces Soft Frequency Vol. II, featuring Veracom, Neuport, Marvin Cruz Productions™

AMDISCS announces Soft Frequency Vol. II, featuring Veracom, Neuport, Marvin Cruz Productions™

With a force equal to that of a sonic boom raining down from the heavens, the omnipotent and omniscient Mr P provided a nice overview of the Prague-based ∜♡MDISCS: Futures Reserve Label (a.k.a. AMDISCS) about two months ago, just prior to the first Soft Frequency — a live, high-definition audio/visual streaming event showcasing the label’s penchant for avoiding news article pigeonholing. The label’s nigh-unrivaled prolificacy is an obstacle here, but at the risk of doing our readers a disservice, here’s a few not-inappropriate buzzwords: nostalgia… inducing. Dance… promoting. Neon swish pants… compel-you-to-wearing. The news unfortunately arrived to me post-event, but I can only assume that Soft Frequency Vol. I was pulled off without a digital hitch, as Vol. II has just been scheduled to traverse the Internet tubes on Sunday, June 30 (RSVP here).

The artists involved? Neuport, Veracom, and Marvin Cruz Productions™, with visuals by Daniel Swan, Ryan Hroch, and Terrell Davis, respectively. Aspirations of interstellar travel seem almost superfluous here; browse the artist websites with their music as a soundtrack, and it’s clear you’ve entered some sort of alternate universe, where the past is the future, and the images that would otherwise seem tacky now, well… still seem slightly tacky, but within the context of the universe, are totally cool. Blasting off…



Marvin Cruz Productions™:


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