Amon Tobin to release ISAM on May 23, confusing fans of Islam all spring

Amon Tobin to release ISAM on May 23, confusing fans of Islam all spring

Amon Tobin has announced that his new album on Ninja Tune, ISAM — his first since 2007’s Foley Room (TMT Review) — is set for release on May 23. What Tobin did not foresee when making this announcement was the strong reaction from confused Muslims around the world due to its title, causing the album hyped as being “[Tobin’s] most intense work of his very considerable career, an extension and refinement of everything he has achieved thus far” to be mistaken by thousands for a piece of artwork paying tribute to Islam. Now, many that preorded ISAM are speaking out against this marketing mixup.

“I heard about Mr. Tobin’s new record, ISAM,” one fellow said, “and I immediately thought it was perhaps a study tool for the Quran, or perhaps some sort of music that expressed the true beauty of Allah, but I soon found out what it was and — no insult to Mr. Tobin — was disappointed to find out what I had spent my money on. I hope I can prevent any other fellow Muslims from avoiding my mistake. I will say that my son loves the record, though.”

The new album is also accompanied by an art installation, titled “ISAM: Control Over Nature,” which was co-created by Tobin and Tessa Farmer (part of the Saatchi Collection) and is on display between May 26 and June 6 at London’s Crypt Gallery.

ISAM tracklist:

01. Journeyman
02. Piece of Paper
03. Goto 10
04. Surge
05. Lost & Found
06. Wooden Toy
07. Mass & Spring
08. Calculate
09. Kitty Cat
10. Bedtime Stories
11. Night Swim
12. Dropped from the Sky

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