And lo! Woodsist begat Hello Sunshine, who begat new LPs from Jovontaes, The Polyps

And lo! Woodsist begat Hello Sunshine, who begat new LPs from Jovontaes, The Polyps

Experimental indie fans across the land can agree that Woodsist, home to releases by the likes of Jana Hunter, Ducktails, Sun Araw, Woods, Wavves, and gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd SO MANY MORE, is one of the most promising new labels birthed in the past several years. And with this year’s creation of their new imprint, the limited-edition vinyl-only label Hello Sunshine, things just got a little bit more promisinger. I know, I know. BABIES HAVING BABIES. But when your offspring include the new LPs from Kentucky Krautrockers Jovontaes and lo-fi Portland pop dudes The Polyps, well break out the bubblegum cigars and mylar balloons, because this is one bundle of joy you’ll be delighted to receive in the mail.

Hello Sunshine’s first three releases included two LPs from Herbcraft and a solo effort by Ryan Garbes of Wet Hair and Raccoo-oo-oon. The fledgling label’s releases by the Polyps and Jovontaes will be numbers four and five respectively. Perhaps you already know Mr. Polyps, Raf Spielman, from his work with his own Eggy Records label, and through his cassette and 7” releases on Night-People, Digitalis and Not Not Fun. Well, look out, because Ants on the Golden Cone is the debut Polyps LP. The LP hits stores on October 11. Jovontaes have also done the cassette release thang through their friends at Eggy, DNT, and Double Phantom before hooking up with Hello Sunshine. Things Are Different Here drops October 11, too. Both LPs are limited to 500 and will be available as digital downloads.


Jovontaes tourdates:

10.01.11 - Chicago, IL - Dust Bowl *
10.02.11 - Detroit, MI - Donovans **
10.04.11 - Washington, DC - Papersun ***
10.05.11 - New York, NY - Don Pedros ****
10.07.11 - New York, NY - Shea Stadium *****
10.08.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Tea Room ******

* Nitetrotter Fest
** Derek Staton (Awesome Color)
*** Buildings
**** Suspensors
***** D. Charles Speer and the Helix
****** Trevor Transylvania & Th’ Creepy Classics/Traits/Winners


The Polyps tourdates:

09.23.11 - Waltham, MA - Brandeis University *
09.24.11 - Providence, RI - City Effect **
10.02.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Rad Town ***
10.03.11 - Hoboken, NJ - Live on WFMU
10.04.11 - Nashville, TN - Betty’s Bar ***
10.05.11 - Athens, GA - Farm255 ***
10.06.11 - Chapel Hill, NC - TBA ***
10.07.11 - Baltimore, MD - TBA ***
10.08.11 - Washington, DC - The Cherch ****
10.09.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Pi Lam *****

* Mount Eerie
** Japanther, Cat Vet, Jacob the Terrible
*** Lame Drivers
**** The Cheniers, Lame Drivers
***** Pet Milk, Lame Drivers


Jovontaes, Things Are Different Here tracklisting:

01. Mountain Pass
02. Nojangles
03. Falcon
04. Transcendentalism
05. Phantomask
06. Tow In


The Polyps, Ants on the Golden Cone tracklisting:

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV

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• Hello Sunshine:
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• The Polyps:

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