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Animal Collective thoroughly shame Ebeneezer Scrooge by releasing pay-what-you-want live show for charity on Bandcamp


In order to offset the negative seasonal vibes of flint-hearted misers everywhere, the musical magi known as Animal Collective have taken a small break from their usual blood-soaked, solstice-themed, sacrificial rituals to release a new recording on their Bandcamp page.

The 14-track, digital-only recording documents the band’s performance at the College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT on May 26, 2017 and is available RIGHT NOW for pay-what-you-want purchase, with all proceeds going to benefit the non-profit humanitarian medical aid organization Direct Relief.

For more info, see the band’s recent tweet, check out the full tracklist/setlist, and stream the generous boon of charitable jammage down below. Then, stick it to all those fictitiously greedy holiday villains by demonstrating the true meaning of the season: GO SMASH THAT DOWNLOAD BUTTON.

Live at College Street Music Hall May 26, 2017 tracklisting:

01. Peacemaker
02. Lying in the Grass
03. Hounds of Bairro
04. Water Curses
05. Floridada
06. Kids on Holiday
07. On Delay
08. Sweet Road
09. Bees
10. Guys Eyes
11. Summertime Clothes
12. Kinda Bonkers
13. Summing the Wretch
14. Taste