Animal Collective’s Deakin gets in on the shoe thing

Animal Collective's Deakin gets in on the shoe thing

I’m gonna assume you have already caught a glimpse of those Avey Tare-designed Keeps. Perhaps you even ordered a pair or two thinking you better hop on it before every other hip kid on the block snatches one. You were probably right too, because the demand for these puppies has supposedly been through the roof, and honestly who didn’t see that coming? Not only are these shoes pretty fly, but they also support a worthy cause for their fellow animal kingdom.

Fortunately for you chaps who either weren’t diggin’ that clean-cut white low-top design or just didn’t give a shit in the first place, you’ve got yourself another choice in Animal Collective footwear. Member Deakin has decided to add his furry touch to the sneaker world by releasing his own Keep design, a custom “aquatic/Central American”-inspired version of the Guerra high top. In my humble opinion, these kicks got way more flavor than Avey’s. That multi-colored ankle weave is just too damn sweet to pass on, am I right? Plus, do something for the fishies out there, or whatever it is that this is supporting, because odds are you’ve been pretty selfish lately.

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