Another Day, Another Reunion Show Story: ESG Returns to the Stage Tomorrow!

After calling it quits and playing their most recent "final show" nearly a year ago (in that "I'm Jay-Z, and I'm quitting music forever... until I stop quitting music forever and release a new album a couple years later"), seminal South Bronx mutant disco act ESG have already announced a reunion! No one necessarily knows for how long they will be reunited, how many shows they will play, or if they will be asked to join the growing ranks of bands reuniting at festivals I cannot afford to attend this year. What is known is that their first show as the reunited, living, and breathing embodiment of sweet disco/post-punk/funk is happening tomorrow, September 13, and that they expect to record a new album and announce more shows sometime in the future.

After some legal trouble last year, it's good to know that more people will now have the chance to see ESG in their latest incarnation. This new version of the band features the original sisters Renee, Marie, and Valerie Scroggins, Renee's daughter Nicole Nicholas, guitarist David Miles, and bassist Leroy Glover -- with loads and loads of stone cold jams, of course

09.13.08 - New York, NY - Santos Party House

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