Another Victim of the Recession: Soul Haven Daptone Records Studio Broken Into, Tens of Thousands in Equipment Stolen

You want to break a music engineer's morale? Buy an MBox or just use GarageBand. You want to kneecap said engineer, too? Steal their equipment. Daptone Records in Brooklyn, made famous by The Dap-Kings that gave Amy Winehouse some semblance of a soul in "Back to Black," got the latter Sunday night, as their studio was broken into and robbed. Gabriel Roth, head of the studio, broke the news through a letter that has been posted on various outlets. The total market value based on what was stolen or damaged is almost certainly within the tens of thousands.

The break-in occurred amidst reports of increased burglaries in the Bushwick neighborhood, where the studio was located. The timing of it was awful: Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings just came out of an excellent two-night headliner over at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square on Valentine's Day weekend, and none other than Rod Stewart was expected to be tracking at the studio in the coming weeks. To make matters worse, the studio was in the process of being insured, but had not finalized the deal at the time of break-in, leaving them uninsured.

Listed below is the equipment that was definitively stolen, according to Roth. If anyone in the Bushwick neighborhood or in Brooklyn reading this sees ANY of the equipment listed below, or any high-quality microphones being hocked, please contact the local authorities. And to any engineer/producer who is living relatively comfortably still (and that's a stretch): Maybe someone can bail them out? Please?

Upon first glance we are definitely missing:

Fender Super Guitar Amp in case

Fender Deluxe Guitar Amp

A whole bunch of headphones and wires

Nydia's HP laptop computer

One Desktop MacIntosh Computer

One Purple Audio API style lunchbox with four Purple Audio Biz mic pre-amps
2 Yamaha NS10 monitors

Vintage Harmony Rocket Guitar

One steel string acoustic guitar

Martin Tenor sax in a gig bag

Technics 1200 turntable

Ion USB turntable

Teac Receiver/stereo amp

Sony dual deck CD burner/player

All of our modem/phone system stuff was ripped out and taken.

A whole bunch of condensor and dynamic microphones (I still need to figure out exactly what's missing) The power supply for my Trident console was tossed and the board was moved (probably not gently) so the status of that is still questionable.

A baldwin organ was tossed and is probably broken.

Lacie External hard drive

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