Apes Keep Evolving with New Tour, Album, and Vocalist

Apes! What can our primate cousins not do? They paint! They colonize
planets and enslave humans! They wear funny outfits! And now Gypsy Eyes Records is releasing their newest LP on February 19, 2008!

Okay, so maybe the Apes responsible for Ghost Games are slightly
different, inasmuch that they're actually humans. But that certainly
shouldn't diminish our wonder and excitement in any way. This is the
band's fourth release and the first without former vocalist Paul Weil,
who left the band back in 2005 to start a family. Now fronted by
visual artist/new vocalist Breck Brunson, Apes have recently shared
the stage with Klaxons, The Slits, Deerhunter, DMBQ, Spankrock, and

This winter they're gearing up for a series of East Coast tourdates, with a South By Southwest performance and West Coast dates expected.

* Sole

** These Are Powers, Ex Models, and Mixel Pixel

*** Sole, Telephone Jim Jesus

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