Apple is shutting down Beats Music at the end of the month

Apple is shutting down Beats Music at the end of the month

Hey there, Taylor here with some news for the two people out there still using Beats Music instead of, like, I don’t know, Tidal, or Spotify, or Google Play Music, or YouTube Red, or Apple Music, or these little trinkets that you’ve maybe heard of called VINYL RECORDS made out of ACTUAL PLASTIC with an INSCRIBED SPIRAL GROOVE. The news goes like this: at the end of this month (which is November 30, in case you didn’t know), Apple is going to shut the service down for good. Blammo.

Beats Music (formerly MOG) actually hasn’t been accepting new subscribers since Apple Music launched, and now that Apple Music is available on Android as well as iOS, it really was only a matter of time before the service got axed completely. But who knows, the two of you still hanging out on Beats Music might have your heads under a Dr. Dre-branded rock or three, so maybe this news is shocking and devastating. Well ya better get over it, because according to the Verge, Apple’s created a migration tool to help shuffle the two of you into Apple Music while maintaining your settings and playlists. And if you don’t do it by the end of the month, your shit’s getting cancelled, my friend.

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