Archaeologists uncover the “lost” second album from C86 band The Servants

Archaeologists uncover the "lost" second album from C86 band The Servants

Anglophiles rejpice! The “lost” second album from C86 band The Servants is due for a release later this year. The album, Small Time was shelved way back in 1991 with the dissolution of the David Westlake-led band. The demos that were recorded around that time and will be released as part of a two-disc set. In addition to Small Time, a second disc titled Hey Hey We’re the Manqués, featuring demos, alternate takes, and rehearsal versions of songs from their first album, Disinterest will be included in the package. Think of it as two albums worth of jangley guitars for the price of one!

The Servants (and C86 bands in general) seem to be getting their due recently as Captured Tracks released a retrospective compilation Youth Club Disco last year.

Unfortunately, US fans might have to wait a bit. The Small Time reissue is due out in the UK on Cherry Red Records on October 22 with no US release announced as of press time.

Small Time tracklist

01. Everybody Has a Dream
02. Don’t Leave Town
03. People Going Places
04. Complete Works
05. Daiting Then Waiting
06. Born to Dance
07. Motivation
08. Let’s Live A Little
09. Aim in Life
10. Rejection
11. Fear Eats the Soul
12. The Thrill of it All
13. All Talk
14. Out of Your Life
15. Slow Dancing
16. Born to Dance (Alt Version)
17. The Thrill of it All (Alt Version)
18. All Talk (Alt Version)
19. Out Of Your Life (Alt Version)

Hey Hey We’re The Manqués tracklist:

01. The Word Around Town
02. She Whom Once I Dreamt Of
03. You’d Do Me Good
04. She Grew and She Grew
05. She’s Always Hiding
06. Look Like a Girl
07. Third Wheel
08. Thin-Skinned
09. Hey, Mrs John
10. They Should Make a Statue
11. Move Out
12. Big Future
13. Restless
14. The Power of Woman
15. Hush Now
16. Afterglow
17. Self-Destruction

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