Are Arthur And Yu Ready To Support Iron and Wine On Stage?

Listen, I talked to Arthur and he said... Yu hadn't even heard about the tour? Were Yu kidding when Yu told him that? He said he assumed Yu were at first, but that Yu kept saying weird stuff, like "Listen, I'm not Yu... I mean I like your music, the music you and Yu make, I've listened to this year's In Camera (TMT Review) quite a bit, but that doesn't make me part of the band. Please stop calling me." Are Yu reading the transcript of what Yu said to Arthur? Are Yu embarrassed? Because Yu're making almost no sense. Like, I get it. I get that the pressure of being in a band, combined with the pressure of opening for Iron and Wine, is making Yu look for an escape, an easy way out. But I'm telling Yu, just as my grandparents told me: if Yu don't try something new every once in a while, Yu'll never discover how much Yu're capable of.

And I'm being honest when I tell Yu that Yu have an incredible amount of talent, so it makes me sad to see Yu acting like this. I've heard In Camera just like the others, and with an album like that behind Yu, all these doubts and evasions are ridiculous. Look me in the eye: Yu are a singular musician. Now get Yur gear packed, stop throwing Yur hands up and shaking Yur head like Yu can't believe that I would be sincere or something, and show the world all Yu've learned throughout Yur rigorous musical training.

Arthur & Yu & Iron & Wine & Audience:

* Califone

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