Ariel Pink returns to haunt the world again, primarily by releasing a new LP, Before Today

Ariel Pink returns to haunt the world again, primarily by releasing a new LP, Before Today

What gives with Ariel Pink? The bizarre California pop genius used to be the symbol of prolificacy, releasing at least an album each year, plus numerous other releases. Yet, the man’s been relatively silent the past few years. Did he get tired of his skewed avant-pop? Did he disappear into the mountains? Did someone destroy the magic medallion that allowed him to haunt the world? Who knows, but it hardly matters now, because Ariel Pink is back! On June 8, 4AD will release Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s new record Before Today worldwide.

Now, you may feel like you’ve already heard something about the return of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. You may even feel like you recently heard a new song from the group. Good news, you’re not crazy. Pink did in fact unveil a new song called “Round and Round” about a month ago, but the song wasn’t connected to any larger release. Well, it is now, as “Round and Round” will appear on Before Today, along with 11 other tracks. (“Round and Round” will also be available as a limited edition 7-inch and digital download on April 26.) The album’s recordings were split between the House of Blues in Encino, where the group worked with Sunny Levine and Rik Pekkonen, and the band’s home studios. As it turns out, Encino’s House of Blues used to be Tito Jackson’s home studio. Funny, I’ve been saying Ariel Pink was our generation’s Tito Jackson for years now.

Pink and his crew are planning on touring Europe this summer. If you don’t live there and hope to see Pink live soon, well, here’s hoping you live in New York City. At the moment, the band’s only confirmed live appearance is a headlining show at the Mercury Lounge on May 4.

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