Art Brut Amicably Splits with EMI

According to a not-so-humorous post by Barnaby Fudge on the band's website, Art Brut and EMI will no longer be working with each other:

Dearest Internet, it looks like our much loved adventurers just couldn't work it out with EMI after all. That's right, after staying up well into the night talking it over, they have both decided it best if they see other people. The spark just wasn't there anymore. The reasons, you ask? There were many. Maybe the age difference, maybe the mounting work committments [sic]. It just looks as if they both needed some space. And hey, maybe they both need to play the field a little more before settling down. They promise to remain close friends and lunch whenever they can. Good luck to all involved!

Kind of reads like Art Brut got DROPPED like a buttered basketball. But if anything, you can now properly call Art Brut an indie band again, since I know you were dying to. And me? Well, I think I'll be okay (don't click if you're at work!).

Remaining dates:

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