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HOLY PHYSICAL FORMATS! Nyege Nyege Tapes announces Sounds of Sisso vinyl edition


I’ve already said a little something about Sounds of Sisso, but it’s worth repeating: I love this tape! How much? Let’s say, third on my year-end list for this here website (which will certainly also include it on its own year-end list). That much.

And now, those of us who don’t have a functioning tape player (I include myself in this demographic) can own this thing, for reel. That’s right, Sounds of Sisso is coming to everybody’s other favorite degradable physical format, vinyl (shouts out also to CD-R!). It’ll be the first in a series of vinyl editions from one of our favorite labels of 2017, Nyege Nyege Tapes, and it comes in regular black (slated for release in early 2018) and a very limited Boomkat blue (available right about… now). Fanta-stick!

Listen to Sounds of Sisso again (and again and again) below, and be sure to follow Nyege Nyege Tapes keenly into the foreseeable future: