Atari Teenage Riot decide to riot again

Atari Teenage Riot decide to riot again

Alec Empire and his band of anti-facist, “anarchist” techno-heads are back after a 10-year hiatus, and they want to blow out your eardrums one last time. The band — known for other, better things than just its first single, the controversial “Hunting for Nazis” — has been inactive for the last 10 years after the death of longtime member, Crack.

That all changes on May 12, 2010 when the band returns to “active status” at the Electric Ballroom in London. Atari Teenage Riot will then return to “inactive status” because this show is what we call a “one-off.” To celebrate the one-day reunion, Atari Teenage Riot have recorded a new single, “Activate,” which will be released May 17 on ATR’s Digital Hardcore label. A free remix is available at The NME.

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