The Avalanches to reissue Since I Left You with bonus material and glossier digipak

The Avalanches to reissue Since I Left You with bonus material and glossier digipak

In the not-so-long-but-pretty-well-storied history of electronic music, 10+ years really isn’t that long to wait for a follow-up album. Portishead perfected the art of the hiatus, occasionally releasing teaser tracks, changing up the band’s website interface to make it seem as if OH GOD MAYBE SOMETHING IS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN, and just plain being awesome enough that fans and bootleggers around the world are inspired to ceaselessly gossip about the possibility of new tours/albums/collaborations/ANYTHING.

Well, if Portishead laid the mold, The Avalanches ran it through and posted it all over your Facebook wall. Over the past few years, every little bleep, hint, or lovely rumor has been taken by fans to be a harbinger of things to come from the vacationing Australians. But this time, THIS TIME, maybe it’s true. After all, this marks the 10th anniversary of the band’s album Since I Left You (which made #40 on our Favorite 100 Albums of 2000-2009 list), and to celebrate, Modular Records is doing the deluxe packaging, reissue dance!

Not only do you get the original album, but you’ll get a bonus disc chock full of remixes from the likes of El Guincho, MF DOOM, Black Dice, Canyons, and Jackson and His Computer Band, plus B-sides! demo tracks! rarities! and remixes The Avalanches have done of other bands! Tracklist and other info are still forthcoming, but like that follow-up album, they’re said to be on their way. Until that time, here’s a 2002 remix by Stereolab for you to salute by holding up your lighter.

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