Band from Brooklyn Plans Fall Tour! This Time It’s Yeasayer!

For many people, this band was the sound of summer. For others, the sound of Urban Outfitters. And for still more people, they were simply the band that released that album with the kinda nu-ravey, kinda creepy cover where the person's head is all a bunch of wires or cables or something, and the chest is made out of blonde gleaming hair. Hair! They are, as I'm sure you were able to tell instantly from that intro, Brooklyn's Yeasayer. Now that we've gotten through the whole intro thing and are rapidly coming to the mid-section and dramatic conclusion of this story -- because let's face it, there's not much of one! -- you'd be right to assume that Yeasayer are preparing to embark on a fall tour.

That's right! They are! They are going to so many places too -- maybe they are going somewhere near you? Why not take a look at the following dates, slip into a cozy Urban Outfitters novelty tee, and get ready to contemplate the meaning of that album cover! It's a person with cables for brain! Cables! What could that even MEAN?


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