Bandcamp to donate all profits earned this Friday to the ACLU

Bandcamp to donate all profits earned this Friday to the ACLU

Breaking news: a lot of people have the impression that President Trump doesn’t give a shit about the law and/or infringing upon people’s individual freedoms, and a specific executive order temporarily banning refugees and immigrants from seven different Muslim-majority countries (with various additional stipulations) was a huge reason why the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) enjoyed record donations this past weekend. The non-profit advocacy group racked up over $24 million from over 350,000 donors, and according to an official who spoke to The Washington Post, it was the largest sudden influx of cash that the organization has received in its nearly 100-year history. Part of that money will undoubtedly go toward funding their army of excellent lawyers, who, in case you hadn’t seen or heard, were all up in America’s airports working on behalf of those detained. Sia and Grimes were among those from the music world who approved and donated hefty amounts themselves.

Now Bandcamp is showing their solidarity with the cause by announcing that all profits earned this Friday, February 3, will be donated to the ACLU. Bandcamp Founder & CEO Ethan Diamond made the case for the decision in a statement earlier today, which expounded on the company’s opposition to the immigrant/refugee ban and what Diamond believes is an “unequivocal moral wrong… in direct opposition to” the constitutionally-enshrined notion of religious freedom.

Outrage might’ve compelled to you donate directly already, but here’s another chance to offer some funds while supporting some of your favorite musicians and labels. Bandcamp earns the equivalent of 15% of all money transacted via the site, FYI.

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