Beacon Sound reissuing Insides’ 1993 4AD release Euphoria for Record Store Day 2019

Beacon Sound reissuing Insides' 1993 4AD release Euphoria for Record Store Day 2019

While reissue culture continues cramming the past down our throats, it’s easy to get cynical and tell the boomers and Gen Xers to hand over the reigns of cultural commodification already. But when I get snarky af, along comes a true gem that sounds just as good now as when it was released, and I say, “Alright, you win. I love nostalgia!”

Such is the case for the upcoming Record Store Day reissue of Euphoria, the 1993 dream pop, electronica LP from Insides (singer/bassist Kirsty Yates and guitarist/programmer Julian Tardo), originally issued on 4AD imprint Guernica.

Portland, OR record store and label Beacon Sound are the brains behind the reissue, with a nice selection of “press clippings from the era” and liner notes from none other than Simon Reynolds. Here’s an excerpt of his notes: “Those who heard the record back in ‘93 may not be able to escape their own wistful hankerings for the early Nineties and its lost promise, it’s true. But if you’re listening to Euphoria for the first time, I think you will be surprised how modern it still sounds in 2019, an astonishing twenty-six years after it came out.”

Insides — all dressed up in its original packaging (complete with those 90s press clippings and Reynolds’ notes, in a limited edition of 2000 with gold-foil numbering) — is out alongside everything ELSE Record Store Day has to offer on April 13.

Insides tracklisting:

01. Walking In Straight Lines
02. Bent Double
03. Darling Effect
04. Distractions
05. Relentless
06. Skin Divers
07. Carly Simon
08. Yes
09. Skykicking

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