Beck plans new album for February 2014, fortunately you don’t have to get all your asshole friends together in order to hear this one

Beck plans new album for February 2014, fortunately you don't have to get all your asshole friends together in order to hear this one

I swear to god, put your goddamn kazoos away. Beck’s got a new album coming out in February of next year — it’s going to be called Morning Phase — and the guy sure as shit doesn’t need any of you jokers making “valuable contributions” on certified non-instruments like the kazoo or the guitar. Sure, sure, the guy may well have put out a “song book album” last year, and sure that maybe blew your mind like I’ll bet everything Dave Eggers puts his grubby paws on does, you McSweeney’s loving communist, but listen: Beck is a professional. He was throwing you a bone! If the fact that he tried to defriend you earlier this year did not make that totally clear, I would’ve thought you would’ve gotten something of a hint from the begrudging manner in which he brought together some actual, you know, musicians to play it back in July.

Okay, since I’m apparently the only around here that actually knows his place, I’m going to do what I was hired to do and not fuck everything up with my tuneless warbling. Like I said, the new album’s called Morning Phase. It’s his first full-length of totally new recordings since 2008’s pretty-okay-but-also-I-kind-of-forgot-about-it Modern Guilt (TMT Review). It’s been described as a companion piece to 2002’s Sea Change. No, I don’t know who did that describing. I do know it features a lot of the same musicians as Sea Change, e.g. Joey Waronker, Smokey Hormel, Roger Joseph Manning Jr., and Jason Falkner. They’re also accompanying him in the current iteration of his live show, for which I’ll post the dates below. I won’t post the tracklisting or the specific release date, because, to be totally honest, I’m kind of pissed at you right now (also it hasn’t been released yet). Because I’m already substantially less pissed, I’ll post “Gimme” below, which is from one-third of the slew of 12 inches that Beck has released over the last year.


11.07.13 - Santiago, Chile - Planeta Terra Festival
11.09.13 - São Paulo, Brazil - Planeta Terra Festival
11.14.13 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Planeta Terra Festival

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