Beck Producing New Thurston Moore Solo Album. What?????

Beck Producing New Thurston Moore Solo Album. What?????

In a time when a collaboration between Kanye West and Bon Iver isn’t all that strange, it should come as no surprise that Beck will be bringing production touches to Thurston Moore’s new solo album.

According to an interview over at The Philadelphia Weekly (conducted by fellow TMTer Elliott Sharp), Moore revealed that his new solo album will be titled Benediction and that it was recorded entirely at Beck’s studio down in Southern California. The album features violinist Samara Lubelski and harpist Mary Lattimore contributing extensively, along with homeboy Beck providing a little bit of vocal and instrumental assistance. Moore also claimed that the album will be released by current Sonic Youth album-releaser Matador. No word yet on a release date.

In a coinciding article with Mary Lattimore over at the Philly, the harpist says that they all crashed at Beastie Boy Mike D’s crib in Malibu while recording Benediction. Hah, celebrities…

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