Beep! plan to get Too Physical with new album on Data Garden, out today

Beep! plan to get Too Physical with new album on Data Garden, out today

When Michael Coleman, Sam Ospovat, and Nate Brenner aren’t performing under Young Nudist, Piki, and Naytronix, respectively, or in Brenner’s case also spending time playing with tUnE-yArDs, they combine to create the musical force that is Beep! Though nobody has taken offense, felt threatened, or been creeped out by their brand of glitchy/jazzy electronic experimentations in the past, that hasn’t stopped sexual harassment lawyers everywhere from taking their marks at the announcement of Beep!’s new album Too Physical.

According to the band’s label Data Garden, “Too Physical comes together like a post-jazz DJ mixtape, racing around from catchy melody to glitchy bliss.” According to the lawyers who have yet to hear the album, “These guys are surely, probably a bunch of degenerates.” It’s difficult to say who’s right and who’s wrong here, but why not have a listen to the album’s first track, “Alien Mating Call,” below and decide for yourself if you want to jam out or press charges.

Beep! will also be playing a record release show at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles on August 7. Head here for all the details. Additionally, lawyers will be hanging out in the Denny’s parking lot down the street if you leave feeling like you want to get in on a sweet ol’ class action lawsuit.

Too Physical is out August 5 (today!) via Data Garden, and like all their releases, you can buy it as a plantable hand-made album art card that will sprout into flowers.

Too Physical tracklist:

01. Alien Mating Call
02. Think About the Mountains
03. Beep Sleep
04. Nose Knows
05. Public Art
06. Dave’s Message
07. To Us
08. Classic Beep Melody
09. The Shit in the Sky is Stars
10. Dave’s Message Reprise
11. Robot Suicide
12. Alice Jazzy
13. Shit Pony Rides Again

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