The Beets sign to Hardly Art, share “Doing As I Do”

The Beets sign to Hardly Art, share "Doing As I Do"

Four years and two albums into the gritty game that is NYC lo-fi, The Beets holed up for a grueling 48 hours and completed the recording of their upcoming release, Let the Poison Out. In addition to a new shiny drummer, Chie Mori, the follow-up to Stay Home will mark The Beets’ debut for Hardly Art. You also might want to send positive vibrations to Mr. Mori, since bassist Jose Garcia cautioned, “If this doesn’t work out, then no more Beets.” Told you — NYC lo-fi, the belly of the beast.

Get a taste of what’s to come here, in the form of “Doing As I Do,” an acoustic ditty that will have you humming in anticipation of the October 24 full-length, Let the Poison Out. The Jackson Heights crew will be giving you jangly sing-alongs live if you’re in the New York area.


09.17.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Knitting Factory * ^
09.19.11 - New York, NY - Skylight West Rooftop
10.14.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Bell House &
10.21.11 - Brooklyn, NY - 285 Kent (Hardly Art / WUSB CMJ party)

* Hunx & His Punx
^ Natural Child
& Those Darlins

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