Fremen nomads unearth long-forgotten Dune-based synth album by Bernard Szajner inside fossilized Shai-Hulud carcass

Fremen nomads unearth long-forgotten Dune-based synth album by Bernard Szajner inside fossilized Shai-Hulud carcass

A barely-known recording of Dune-based synth compositions has been found inside the fossilized carcass of a massive sandworm. The album was discovered accidentally by a group of Fremen led by Andy Votel who were harvesting Shai Hulud teeth for the production of sacred knives known as crysknives. Upon discovery, Votel, a wandering desert nomad with a keen interest in early and forgotten music, quickly proclaimed the artifact to be a “conceptual synth-pop classic” created by one Bernard Szajner under his alias Z. Votel brought the spice-crusted album back to civilization in order to summon more information from the mysterious documents contained therein.

Most shunned Votel for his discovery — “We do not want to hear the tapes, they were not meant to be heard,” some would say, while others physically assaulted him in an attempt to subjugate the tape loop-based compositions. It seemed like Andy had nowhere to turn. With nothing but a box full of sandy tape spools, he turned to the last friend he had on Arrakis: Rashad Becker, master of master conglomerate Dubplates and Mastering. Master Becker was so impressed by Votel’s dedication to the project of making Szajner’s Visions of Dune a well-known synth classic that he decided to help his friend by doing what he did best — (re)mastering Visions.

Votel suddenly found himself with another stroke of good fortune. InFiné, a label distributed by the ever-progressive Warp Records, had taken a keen interest in his project. With a massive journey behind him and a bright future ahead, Votel handed the re-mastered tapes over to InFiné, and, in the course of one short meeting, made the decision to publicize the work through a beautifully packaged vinyl edition on August 26. Thankfully, the powers that be even decided to include two previously unheard tracks on the album, “The Duke” and “Spice.”

Votel, in a move probably more political than informative, has granted listeners a “minimix” to sway their opinion on Visions’ importance. Because, you know, he who controls the back catalog of Bernard Szajner controls the universe.

Visions of Dune tracklist:

01. Dune
02. Bashar
03. Thufir Hawat
04. Sardaukar
05. Bene Gesserit
06. Shai Hulud
07. The Duke *
08. Fremen
09. Harkonnen
10. Adab
11. Gom Jabbar
12. Ibad
13. Kwizatz Haderach
14. Spice *

* bonus track

• Bernard Szajner:
• InFiné:

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