Bibio announces “groin-tastically trip-tronic” new album. Related: TMT attributes false quotes to Bibio.

Bibio announces "groin-tastically trip-tronic" new album. Related: TMT attributes false quotes to Bibio.

Remember when British producer and electronic artist Bibio started cramming more Boards of Canada-style beats into his warpy, watery, swirly, and drippy drones with 2009’s Ambivalence Avenue (TMT Review), and everyone totally loved it and started paying more attention to him all of a sudden?

Well, he probably does too. In a press release for his new album Mind Bokeh, which is due March 29 in the US and April 4 everywhere else, Bibio pledged to continue Ambivalance Avenue’s adventurous genre-mangling and “acoustic guitars v. drum machines” cage matches. He also references a Thin Lizzie influence on one track, but we’re just going to pretend like he didn’t say that for now. Mind Bokeh takes its title from the Japanese word “bokeh,” which I think is Japanese for “hypnagogic” or something.

Anyway, check out the tracklist below, as well as a YouTube video-sampler of the album, below (I guess he was actually pretty serious about that Thin Lizzie thing). Also, allow me to be the first to point out that the cover art looks like a free cell phone wallpaper.



Mind Bokeh tracklisting:

01. Excuses
02. Pretentious
03. Anything New
04. Wake Up!
05. Light Seep
06. Take Off Your Shirt
07. Artists’ Valley
08. K Is for Kelson
09. Mind Bokeh
10. More Excuses
11. Feminine Eye
12. Saint Christophe

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