Big Boi names his next solo album Daddy Fat Sax in honor of the great service he received at White Castle

Big Boi names his next solo album Daddy Fat Sax in honor of the great service he received at White Castle

Hot on the heels of the release of his second solo album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (TMT Review), Big Boi has announced that his follow-up album will be titled Daddy Fat Sax and is slated for a “late 2011” release, which seems pretty far off to be hinting at something already.

Now, before you assume that ALL of Big Boi’s albums will be named after his more flamboyant and eccentric family members, let me tell you a story about the origin of the title Daddy Fat Sax. Back before Outkast were the megastars that they are now, even before ATLiens, Big Boi and Andre 3k used to visit a local White Castle whenever they got hungry in between recording/writing sessions. They kept returning to one particular location because of a lovable dude they called Daddy Fat Sacks, for his habit of including two or three extra sliders in every 10-sack that the guys bought, because he was a huge fan of the band’s music.

After the completion of Sir Luscious Left Foot, Boi once again felt a craving for The Castle and returned to his favorite location, where Daddy Fat Sacks still worked, to feed his appetite. Unfortunately, upon arrival, Big Boi discovered that Daddy Fat Sacks had passed away in a horrible chicken-ring accident. Distraught, Big Boi bought 50 sliders and returned home, where, after eating 30 burgers in one grief-fueled sitting, Big Boi decided that he would name his next album after the local burger hero, except that he would change “Sacks” to “Sax” because, “I’m planning on a doing a bunch of sax samples, tenor, soprano, and probably have at least a couple sax players come into the studio for the next record.” And the rest was history.

“I got about four, five songs that I’m tinkering with right now,” Big Boi told Music Tele-Vision News about the new album. “But at the same time, there’s a couple of records that we picked out for the Outkast record too. So while Dre is working on his records, we’re kinda, with Organized Noize, seeing what’s gonna go for the ‘Kast album. And at the same time, with the beats I already got, I’m just making the most out of my time, whether I’m on the road touring or just on the bus or whatever; just putting ideas down.”

Big Boi also remained silent on the future of a new Outkast album, saying that neither he nor Andre 3000 will say anything, anything, until the album is completed and near release.

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