Big Boi’s new album gets bumped back, Hendrixesque cover art revealed

Big Boi's new album gets bumped back, Hendrixesque cover art revealed

In these turbulent times, Americans of all races, creeds, and views on the the actual funniness of NBC’s Community must all come together in unity and a willingness to really, really get down. (Whether it’s “getting down” to business or booty-droppin’ beats, it’s all the same.) And who better to lead us out of our collective desire to bitchslap one another than Big Boi? I mean, this is the man who cowrote “Ms. Jackson,” a dance floor uniter if ever there was one.

And so, today the news that Big Boi’s second solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, has a new release date and Hendrix-y lookin’ kinda artwork comes like a breath of fresh air after too long on a dancefloor where the DJ just can’t mix songs. (There’s a metaphor for our national state in there somewhere but hey, let’s not beat this dead American horse over the head or whatever.) Originally slated for a November 13 release, America will now receive the gift of Big Boi on December 11 via Purple Ribbon/Def Jam. Big Boi for president 2014?

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