Bikini Kill announce second reissue through Bikini Kill Records, only 90s kids will truly understand

Bikini Kill announce second reissue through Bikini Kill Records, only 90s kids will truly understand

It’s crazy to think that as recently as the early 90s we still thought clothes were sentient and capable of being murdered and people were actually going to jail for pulling too hard on the threads of sweaters and the punk band Bikini Kill formed specifically to protest the “grave miscarriage of swimsuit-murder justice.” The 90s were a crazy time. And, as I’m sure you know, scientists have largely ruled out the possibility of time travel, so the only real way to visit the past is by way of album reissues and history books. Since history books are really boring, let’s talk about an album reissue.

My friend, let’s take a trip to March of 1993. Though only 90s kids will truly understand, I’m sure everyone can follow along. It was a March much like the March you and I have just experienced, except the weather was probably a whole lot less bananas because global warming wasn’t as much of a thing back then. Anyhow, Bikini Kill were gearing for their dual-headlining tour with the UK group Huggy Bear, and Kathleen Hanna’s neighbor had just been arrested for accidentally pointing a gun at a trilby. Hanna was PISSED, because if her neighbor was going to be in jail, who was going to feed her fish while she was on tour? I mean, there was also the whole rampant sexism in pretty much every corner of society thing that sorta lead to the riot grrrl movement in the first place, but it is my belief that the fish anger is what looms large over this period of Bikini Kill. Anyhow, Hanna and the band channeled this rage into seven fiery songs for the Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah EP, which became one side of a split with Huggy Bear. The rest, as dudes on NPR probably say like 10 times a day, was history.

Flash forward to 2014. As I’m sure you’ve heard, back in 2012, Bikini Kill founded Bikini Kill Records, and began reissuing their back catalog, starting with their self-titled EP (scope their Bandcamp to buy a whole bunch of releases direct from the band, including stuff by The Frumpies and The Casual Dots). They’ve recently announced the second reissue in the series, and what do you know, it’s the Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah EP! But wait! In addition to the seven original songs on the release, it will come with seven more songs recorded live and during rehearsals during this period in Bikini Kill’s band-span. It’s out April 15, but the first 500 pre-orders directly through the Bikini Kill Records Bandcamp will get a free limited-edition poster. Hang it on your wall, dummy!

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah tracklisting:

01. White Boy
02. This Is Not a Test
03. Don’t Need You
04. Jigsaw Youth
05. Resist Psychic Death
06. Rebel Girl
07. Outta Me
08. George Bush Is a Pig
09. I Busted in Your Chevy Window
10. Get Out
11. Why
12. Fuck Twin Peaks
13. Girl Soldier
14. Not Right Now

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