Björk and Michel Gondry collaborate on “scientific musical” (just what the world needs: another “scientific musical”)

Björk and Michel Gondry collaborate on "scientific musical" (just what the world needs: another "scientific musical")

What happens when two incredible artists come together? Björk and Lars von Trier made Dancer in the Dark; Lars von Trier and Charlotte Gainsbourg made Antichrist; Charlotte Gainsbourg and Michel Gondry made The Science of Sleep; and Michel Gondry and Björk made over half a dozen amazing music videos. This latter collaboration is still apparently going too, as in a recent interview by The Playlist during SXSW, Gondry dropped a few details about a super-secret film project with Björk.

Michel Gondry seems to be spreading himself thin these days, between promotion for A Thorn in the Heart (debuting in early April in NY), post-production for The Green Hornet, work on the animated film Megalomania, development of Return of the Ice Kids, and hopefully imminent preparation for The We & the I… it’s exhausting to keep up. This new collaboration with Björk is no less impressive than his ass-kicking list. “A sort of scientific musical,” Gondry described it. “[It’s a movie], but maybe more for museums. Like a 40 minute IMAX project in 3D.”

According to Pitchfork, Björk’s publicist could not officially confirm the venture, but the collaboration was also mentioned way back in February. Plus, the idea sounds just crazy enough to work… after all, The Knife’s Darwin-inspired opera turned out all right.

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