Björk performs at world’s most amazing karaoke marathon today in Iceland

Björk performs at world's most amazing karaoke marathon today in Iceland

Björk will perform with environmentalist/reporter/entertainer Ómar Ragnarsson at an Icelandic karaoke marathon today! It’s just like in that movie Duets, where Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis sing that one horrible song you always hear at Walmart! Except that it won’t suck. And it’s to protect natural resources in Iceland, so it’s for a good cause, not a $500 check and a Red Lobster gift certificate or something. (Note: I never saw that movie.) So yeah, it’s basically nothing like Duets. Sorry.

The marathon takes place today, the traditional last day of the Christmas holidays, at Nordic House in Reykjavik. According to Iceland Review Online, January 6 is a holiday called Threttándinn, “a magical day in Icelandic folklore when supernatural beings came out from their hidden world and walked among humans. The day is traditionally celebrated with bonfires and fireworks shows.” In other words, Threttándinn is clearly the best holiday ever.

In other Björk news, the delightful artist has contributed a song to the new iPad book Solar System, which allows readers to look at 3D versions of the planets and learn about the wonders of our universe.

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