Black Zone Myth Chant preps Feng Shen on Editions Gravats/Hospital Productions, premieres full album

Black Zone Myth Chant preps Feng Shen on Editions Gravats/Hospital Productions, premieres full album

I think the gods are pissed. And who could blame them? We humans are a bunch of screwups, almost constantly getting ourselves into near irreversible trouble. On his last album as Black Zone Myth Chant, the impeccable 2015 release Mane Thecel Phares, Max P a.k.a. High Wolf focused on an earlier bunch of screwups: the biblical Israelites. A reference to the literal “writing on the wall” from which that saying comes, “Mane Thecel Phares” is a variation of what YHWH scrawled on ol’ Belshazzar’s palace that had the king scrambling for the prophet Daniel to interpret for him.

But oh, how history repeats! Max P conjures a new spirit on Feng Shen, his follow-up to Mane Thecel Phares (and the between-official-releases Judgement Mixtape). Literally “Wind-Spirit,” Feng Shen blazes in across the prairies to a stretch of Dakota Access Pipeline, essentially one big, long wall that’s just begging for supernatural script. Yeah, YHWH (or, ahem, “Yahweh”), or Wind-Spirit, or whatever god, has been cracking its knuckles and practicing calligraphy; “writing on the pipeline” is going to be a new idiom in short order. MANE THECEL PHARES, you greedy bastards. YOUR KINGDOM WILL BE GIVEN TO THE MEDES AND THE PERSIANS.

Black Zone Myth Chant, member of the SHAPE platform (which is supported by the “Creative Europe” program of the EU), drops the Feng Shen LP and digital release November 17 on Editions Gravats, followed by a super-limited cassette edition on Hospital Productions. But you don’t have to wait to hear it; Tiny Mix Tapes has the pleasure of premiering Feng Shen in its entirety today. So, spiral down and zone deep, become one with the whirlwind of Feng Shen energy, and ride the blast of holy power directly into the threatening heart of evil right here:

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