Blackest Ever Black release Bremen’s Second Launch; back me up on this guys, space is terrifying, yes?

Blackest Ever Black release Bremen's Second Launch; back me up on this guys, space is terrifying, yes?

Second Launch is the new album by Bremen, two Swedish punks turned krautronica dudes. (Is that a genre? It’s gotta be, right? If not now, in less than 10 minutes some kid in Florida with a laptop and floppy hair will be making it one.) And true to form, the album sounds exactly like what one would imagine space to sound like, if space were populated by spaghetti western villains and filled with the haunting existential loneliness of Major Tom in the super-depressing-yet-still-lumped-in-with-new-wave Peter Schilling song.

Second Launch is the follow-up to Bremen’s 2013 self-titled debut, the work of guitar player Lanchy Orre and organist Jonas Tilhander. The album is a mix of swirling psych, minimalist piano, echoing organ keys, and ominous guitar. It is the sound of beauty in despair, the sound of awful, terrifying, bleak-as-fuck space. God, isn’t space just THE WORST? And so naturally it only makes sense that this lovely, delicate album will soon be released into the world by the good people over at Blackest Ever Black. The album drops June 9 and can be preordered now.

Second Launch tracklisting:

01. Entering Phase Two
02. Hollow Wave
03. The Forgotten Ones
04. Static Interferences
05. They Were Drifting
06. Sweepers
07. Threshold Crossing
08. Pace of Time
09. Walking the Skies
10. Voxnan
11. Sun Son

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