Blackout Beach has a new album called Fuck Death, but you’re not tagged in it

Blackout Beach has a new album called Fuck Death, but you're not tagged in it

“Fuck Death” seems like a phrase someone might paint across the side of an abandoned building in bubble letters the colors of Christmas lights, and Blackout Beach could easily be the title of a post-high school graduation Facebook album, one where everyone looks sweaty and beer cans are conveniently blurred out.

However, spray paint and digital cameras did nothing to inspire the forthcoming LP from Frog Eyes’ frontman Carey Mercer’s solo project. The title comes from a Leon Golub painting, and Mercer cites a variety of influences including the book of Job, George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia, Kraftwerk, fuzz, cosmic sounds, Iraq, and Chinese soldier poems. Somehow, this all adds up to the sound of a slow-motion electro-apocalypse, and Mercer says, “The most important lyric on Fuck Death is ‘run away.’ It’s a bit heavy, especially because the dominant 2011 story is that kids want to live on an invisible beach within their hearts and party this stuff away. But not all kids scorn uneasiness. And not all music is made for kids.”

Pack your bags and start thinking about where you’re going to crash tonight, because that “run away” track, “Beautiful Burning Desire,” is available to download at Dead Oceans. Fuck Death will be out on vinyl and digital formats on November 15.

Fuck Death tracklisting:

01. Beautiful Burning Desire
02. Torchlights Banned
03. Deserter’s Song
04. Be Forewarned, the Night Has Come
05. Hornet’s Fury into the Bandit’s Mouth
06. Drowning Pigs
07. Broken Braying of the Donkey’s Cry
08. Sending Postcards to a Ghost

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