Blender Magazine: The Next Publication to Fold (No Pun Intended)

Well, add another nickel to the "every print media outlet in the world is scaling back or shutting down" jar.

Alpha Media Group announced in a staff meeting yesterday morning that
it is shutting down the presses on popular music publication Blender, effective immediately. The April issue will be its last, and since most of the content and layout is finished and on its way to newsstands, it's safe to say there will be no last hurrah -- especially if the current website is any indication.

The closing of the monthly magazine will lead to some 30 jobs lost and
lots of staff reshuffling.

At its apex, Blender boasted a circulation of one million and was a
common contributor to a variety of fun and trashy VH1 specials, such
as The 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs Ever.

Maxim is currently the only Alpha magazine still in publication. Turns
out boobs really are recession-proof.

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