Blis. sign to Sargent House, plan new album for the fall

Blis. sign to Sargent House, plan new album for the fall

There’s been a resurgence of emo over the last few years, and Atlanta band Blis. are adding some respectability to the genre. Blis. (intentional period in their name, bros) are too blessed to be stressed, as they just signed to Sargent House to release a full-length this fall. That’s enough good news to plug any pinned emo heart, and I guarantee those are tears of joy you hear from me in the bathroom stall.

Unfortunately, the boys were so stoked on their signing to a label and gaining some Indie Buzz that they totally forgot to do their taxes. Of course, they kept their receipts for all music-related purchases from last year, which included: a guitar-shaped pool, a used kidney made into a bong, 5,000 condoms, a three-night stay at the Caribbean rock & roll McDonald’s Hotel and Spa, and an autographed copy of MC Skat Kat’s 1991 hit LP, The Adventures of MC Skat Kat and the Stray Mob. But it was all for naught if these boys don’t pay their penalty and file those damn taxes! Apparently they missed the deadline because they put out this music video:

That’s a good excuse to me, but try telling that to Uncle Sam. You can show your support by streaming their four-song EP, Setting Fires in My Parent’s House.

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