Blur to deluxe-reissue every record ever made by anyone ever, start with their own catalog for simplicity’s sake

Blur to deluxe-reissue every record ever made by anyone ever, start with their own catalog for simplicity's sake

Indie rock kid: Welp, it’s literally been 21 years since the release of Blur’s debut album Leisure. How old does that make YOU, grandpa?

Grandpa: Who the hell is Blur? Goddamnit, You’re such a little pecker, grandson.

Indie rock kid: Grandpa! You’re making me LOL! They’re this British band who has influenced, like, everyone who makes rock music today. Their frontman is this dude Damon Albarn, and he said recently that Blur is probably not going to continue on as a band, which, like, sux and everything; but on July 30, they’re putting out this massive box set and reissuing their entire catalog in newly expanded, special edition formats that include bonus discs of previously unreleased material, expanded booklets, unseen photographs, and a bunch of new liner notes based on a new interview with the band. I read about it on this website, Consequence of Sound.

Grandpa: British! Damon?! WEBSITE?!? What in God’s holy name are you talking about, grandson? Don’t you realize how stupid you sound every time you open your idiot mouth?

Indie rock kid: Aw, come on, grandpa. You don’t mean it. Anyway, they’re also doing this huge box set compiling all seven special edition albums, plus for more rarities discs, a collectible 7-inch single, three DVDs, and a hardcover book…

Grandpa: No, I definitely mean it. Why the Sam Hill are you even telling me this? And open your mouth when you talk, for the love of the Lord Jesus! You don’t like one of them mental patients down the way, there…

Indie rock kid: Oh, well, you should like this part, Grandpa! There’s also going to be a box set of Blur’s proper albums on vinyl records, compiling each of their seven LPs into a “sturdy hard case.” You know, 33 1/3 RPM and all that?

Grandpa: I swear to the blessed virgin Mary, every time you say “Blur,” it sounds like you’re throwing up your own feces.

Go to Consequence’s page for the tracklist; it’s super long.

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