Boomshakalaka! The Ex announce new LP for January!

Boomshakalaka! The Ex announce new LP for January!

Holy jeez, what are any of you doing reading music news on this here music website? NBA Jam is out for Wii! If I have to do one more thing in my life that isn’t playing NBA Jam, things like eating and sleeping and writing stories for Tiny Mix Tapes, I will scream. Scream “Slamma Jamma!” that is. Gonna take it to the hole with my boy Detlef Schrempf.

When my Jam Fever (a recognized medical condition) subsides, perhaps then I’ll have time for a new album by Dutch punk legends The Ex. As the jam is awfully strong in me, I’d reckon that won’t happen until sometime around January 25. Rather convenient, since The Ex’s new record Catch My Shoe comes out that very day via the band’s own Ex Records. The record will mark the band’s 25th CD/LP release (EXCLAMATION POINTS) on their own label, as well as their 123rd release (EVEN BIGGER EVEN MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS) overall as a band.

That’s quite the body of work, but you’ve got to remember, The Ex have been around for a good 30 years now. They’ve had a bit of time to put out more than a bit of work. But! Everything’s not the same in ol’ Ex town. Catch My Shoe marks a pretty big change, being that it is their first album with new singer Arnold de Boer. Original singer G.W. Sok left the band last year, probably because he heard about NBA Jam.

Catch My Shoe tracklist:

01. Maybe I Was The Pilot
02. Double Order
03. Cold Weather Is Back
04. Bicycle Illusion
05. Eoleyo
06. Tree Float
07. Keep on Walking
08. Life Whining
09. 24 Problems

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