Boredoms show Australia some BOADRUM love at this year’s Melbourne Festival

Boredoms show Australia some BOADRUM love at this year's Melbourne Festival

Them Japanese chameleon-esque psych-freakout masters Boredoms whip out and exploit the mysteries held within numerical alignment all the time, sure, but can they do it before a seething mob of Australians? The answer to this is forthcoming, as the band has announced that it will present its yearly musical morphing act at this year’s Melbourne Festival, with “BOADRUM10.” Following last year’s “BOADRUM9” at Manhattan’s Terminal 5, which featured some of the most impressive drummers in rock music today performing alongside the band, Boredoms are kickin’ it up another notch by — you guessed it — featuring 10 drummers.

Joining and rounding off the established seven-piece drum circle will be Melbourne-based drummers Evelyn Morris, Cameron Potts, and Mat Watson. The performance will be presented precisely at midnight on October 9 at Beck’s Festival Bar within the Forum Theatre. Supporting Boredoms will be Australia-based weirdo bands Bum Creek and Kes Band. Coming from someone who was privileged enough to bear witness to the sheer madness, excitement, and genius that was “BOADRUM9,” all I can really say is congrats Melbourne!

More information about the Melbourne Festival can be found here. And for the six or seven non-Australians reading this, a DVD documenting the 2007 BOADRUM that started it all was just released by Thrill Jockey. Have at it!

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