Born Bad Records to release new CD and vinyl collection celebrating West African musician Pierre Sandwidi

Born Bad Records to release new CD and vinyl collection celebrating West African musician Pierre Sandwidi

Pierre Sandwidi led a multifaceted life that commingled art and politics. Nicknamed “the troubadour from the bush,” he played guitar for the National Ballet of Upper Volta. He also launched his own dance, the “callao,” in homage to the distinctive walk of the bird of the same name. AND he was a trade unionist and a member of his local branch of the Comités de Défense de la Révolution, which were established following the military coup by Thomas Sankara that resulted in Upper Volta’s name change to Burkina Faso.

The subjects of Sandwidi’s music were likewise eclectic, and his records saw tales of working class reality brushing up against breezy love songs. And until recently, his released musical output consists of a handful of 7-inches, two LPs, and a bunch of cassettes.

But now, in commemoration of the life and efforts of the tireless West African troubadour (Sandwidi died in 1998), a new compilation, Le Troubadour de la Savane (1976-1980) is set to be released June 1 on Born Bad Records on single both CD or double vinyl editions. Previously available digitally, the album tells not only Sandwidi’s story but also, indirectly, a little bit of the story of post-independence Burkina Faso, since (according to a press kit) Sandwidi’s songs were unwaveringly situated within the realities of his young country.

The pre-revolution tracks collected on Le Troubadour de la Savane often protest the pre-Sankara regime, and they also represent Sandwidi’s era of greatest productivity, during which his two full-lengths were issued. Have a listen to the cool, mournful ballad “Lucie” down below, and pre-order the physical album here.

Le Troubadour de la Savane tracklisting:

01. Fils du Sahel
02. Boy Cuisinier
03. Mariétou
04. Je Suis Un Salaud
05. Ouaga Affaires
06. Mam Ti Fou
07. Lucie
08. Missé Issa
09. Je Demande Ma Démission
10. Tond Yabramba
11. Yamb Ney Capitale

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