Brand New Oregon Festival To Coincide With Total Solar Eclipse

Brand New Oregon Festival To Coincide With Total Solar Eclipse
Photo: Wikimedia

There are hundreds of festivals every year in the USA, and indeed across the world. Many such festivals feature pop or rock music, and an ever-greater number (though you may not hear so much about all of them) feature various types of electronic dance music and a load of people wearing no shows stomping in mud under luminous fractal patterns.

The Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017 is one such festival. It is the latest annual Symbiosis event, which in 2015 peaked in popularity with over 15,000 participants taking to the fields to express themselves without the hassle of answering to their usual authorities. This year the Symbiosis Festival will be held in celebration of the total solar eclipse, hence its new choice of name.

For those of you who are interested in indulging in a bit of hedonism, forgetting to wash, and enjoying the biggest celestial event ever to grace the earth, then this is one festival that you should pop in your psychedelic calendar.

After all, there are not many trance festivals, *cough, excuse me, sorry, ‘international gatherings’ that offer a solar eclipse as a main event. It might be worth enduring the lectures on the power of amethyst in order to share this moment with so many other people.

The actual eclipse takes place on August 21st and totality lasts for nearly 2 minutes. Viewing a solar eclipse with the naked eye would be about as stupid as not wearing sunglasses in a game of poker, but you can rest assured that solar glasses will be available onsite for your pleasure and the safety of your retina.

If you are looking for lectures on crystals and herbs and the like, then Oregon Eclipse Festival will definitely have a lot to offer.

Joking aside, this festival is organized by a truly creative bunch who are collaborating with other well-known groups to add some truly special touches to the festival. You can expect to see visual artists and installations, plenty of workshops, theatre and circus performances, immersive courses, and you can even take a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the site.

Photo: Wikimedia

Set in the Big Summit Praire in Ochoco National Park, the Oregon Eclipse Festival couldn’t be in a more perfect location, with flat campgrounds, forests, and even a 52 acre lake with art boats to play on. And we haven’t even mentioned the music yet…

The Oregon Eclipse Festival line-up features some awesome musical greats set across 7 stages, including Bassnectar, Desert Dwellers, Dirtwire, Emancipator, G Jones, Opiuo, Phutureprimitive, Random Rab, Shpongle, and various psy-trance Djs that either you have never heard of or are your best friends, depending how deeply “involved” you are.

I wouldn’t go chucking around recommendations for festivals pretty lightly, but given the reputation of the Symbiosis crew, the beauty of the location, and the added twist of the solar eclipse event this is set to be one of the year’s most promising hippy gatherings. So whether you are in to that sort of thing or not, get out your waviest garments and have a stomp for us!

Tickets are available for $325+, with $100 tickets needed for vehicles, and you can even pay in BitCoin. For more information visit the Oregon Eclipse Festival official website.

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