Britney Spears Loses Children; I Think It’s Only Fair, Because She Made Me Lose My Lunch

In order for Britney Spears to retain custody of her children, the court ordered her to finish the following maze within an hour. The caption read: "Britney is confused and has lost all orientation. Help her find one of her kids by finishing the maze."

An hour passed and Britney was forced to turnover custody of her children to K-Fed (she thought the maze was a map). After finding out she had to turnover her children to K-Fed, rumor has it Britney got confused and used FedEx to literally send the kids to him.

[Oooh cheap shot! Hey, it's Shrimp Scampi. Anything goes. Plus, we really just wanted to have a maze on the site. Stay tuned tomorrow for some more low-brow reporting!]

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