Broken Scrapbooking Scene Release a Book in an Attempt to Preserve Legacy

Not content with maintaining their status as top “Canadian indie rock supergroup,” word on the street has it that Broken Social Scene will take on the role of epherema blenders when they release a book in the fall of 2008. The hyperactive Arts & Crafts collective will show off their artier and craftier side with This Book Is Broken via Toronto’s House of Anansi Press. BSS player Justin Peroff will be assembling photos, posters and flyers, bits of string, clippings, broken social shoelaces, paper airplanes, air sickness bags, letters, numbers, stickers, tickets, and cigarette butts for the book. It is rumored that Peroff is considering eyelets, stamps, chipboard, and bows as embellishments for the sure-to-be-attractive memory tomb.

Slow down folks... U2 wasn’t built in a day.

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