Bump up the Terror Alert, New Mexican Disaster Squad is Hitting the Homeland

In a brash move, the Department of Homeland Security has decided to go ahead with their plans on digitally releasing a five-song EP, titled Peace with Nothing. Instead of using a kewl play on their own name, for instance H-Land Scurdzy, they have chosen to work under the moniker or New Mexican Disaster Squad. The outfit is a standard four piece (two guitars, bass, and drums) with very North American names. Due to security reasons, they have never played a public show and, in the vein of Steely Dan, rely on CD sales to keep their career afloat.

The EP will be available though the internet only, starting June 5. As of today, however, you can go on over to Jade Tree and stream it for free. Peace with Nothing will be available through iTunes, eMusic, Yahoo! Music, and loads of other digital music services.

Though contact has with the band has been limited ever since the national threat level has been raised from mauve to red, NMDS was nice enough to let me speak with the head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff.

Petya: Mike, if I may, what’s the story on this new EP your boys are putting out?

Mike: Cast through shades of indignant but energetic punk, Peace With Nothing serves as a culmination of the band's allegiance to a simpler time in hardcore, while still maintaining a refreshed sense of insanity, urgency, and the band's crucial heritage as a vehicle for change in punk.

Petya: Not to call you out or anything, but didn’t you just lift that straight from the Jade Tree website?

Mike: You wanna go to Guantanamo, bitch? No, but all jokes aside, the record has a lot of political themes. The boys work a lot with irony, making fun of the President and whatnot. But you know, it’s all ironic because G-Dub is doing one helluva job right now.

Petya: He is?

Mike: What the fuck? Are you some tree-humping pinko? Watch the news, kid. He has completely revitalized what was once a barren wasteland in Iraq.

Petya: Really? Because that’s not what most news sources are saying.

Mike: Anyway, back to the music.

Petya: Yes, let’s.

Mike: The CD is genius because it will work under the guise that they hate the government, but all the complaints they mention are actually positive things the government has done. So by the end of the CD, the kids will be like, “NMDS is full of shit. America rocks!”

Pete: You guys are quite the moralists.

Mike: Thank you.

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