Bye Bye Birdie; Pelican Currently On Tour, Proves Instrumental Post-Rock Is Infinitely More Manly Than Fauna-Based Names and Musicals

If you've ever had a day at the seashore ruined by the bloody carnage of a swooping pelican treating itself to an afternoon snack, you know the slaughter these animals leave in their wake. With a mouthful of tattered fish, it becomes clear that this is no Flock of Seagulls. And in a day and age of soft cuddly band names, we need a little bit of ferociousness. Honestly, I mean... Panda Bear!?

Luckily, the band that shares a name with these fearless birds is no different. Leaving a bloodbath in their wake, the audience ripped to shreds from sludgey, bone-crushing post-rock, Pelican is embarking on less of a tour, and more of a quest, playing date after date of their epic rawk in support of their newest full-length, City Of Echoes, out now on Hydra Head Records.


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