Cam’ron releasing a track a day for 30 days, because he has many new topics to insightfully rap about

Cam'ron releasing a track a day for 30 days, because he has many new topics to insightfully rap about

You mad… that Grammy-nominated (yes, really) rapper Cam’ron still appears to be releasing new material? It’s a rarity these days for even the most successful rappers to still be in the game more than a decade on, so I’ll give credit where credit is due. The guy isn’t a total failure, and he at least appears to enjoy what he does, which is more than you can say for the many who pursue the art form purely for the glamorized lifestyle. Cam’ron could’ve gone the route of long-time friend and fellow rapper Mase and pursued a life of Jesus-inspired celibacy, occasionally showing up in public solely for the purpose of giving memorably creepy smiles. But he didn’t. He went on The O’Reilly Factor and handed Bill his ass. Well, kind of. I’m not even sure if Cam’ron made a coherent point throughout that entire interview. But he did hand the internet one of its greatest and most well-known memes, and for that, we dwellers of the world wide web are truly thankful.

As I just alluded to, Cam’ron hasn’t retired. According to the folks at Rolling Stone, who bravely took on the task of deciphering his Twitter page, Cam’ron is releasing a track every day for 30 days (excluding weekends) as a part of something called the “UNLostFiles” — U.N. standing for “Us Now,” and being the hip-hop group founded by Cam’ron in 2009. It may not be as racially diverse as the international organization also based in New York, but they’re probably more politically effectual. Go here, here, and here for the first, second, and third tracks in this 30-day series. Cam’ron’s seventh studio album, More Gunz, Less Buttah, is slated for release on June 5.

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