Carla Bozulich touring North America this fall with 1,000 bats taking off at dusk from each venue

Carla Bozulich touring North America this fall with 1,000 bats taking off at dusk from each venue

When Carla Bozulich released the album Evangelista (TMT Review) back in 2006, the Tiny Mix Tapes staff went wild, placing it prominently on our Top 25 of that year and even more prominently on our end-of-decade list. And it wasn’t just because 85% of our staff self-identifies as evangelical Christians; there was some serious spiritual-aggression-as-corporeal-communication going on, and when the “Evangelista” project continued to expand, on 2008’s Hello, Voyager (TMT Review) and 2009’s Prince of Truth (TMT Review), we couldn’t help but get swept up by those, too.

Now, with a brand-new Evangelista album in our bruised little hands on September 20 c/o Constellation Records, that old fevered excitement is back like a sudden pang of nausea and regret. You can hear “Artificial Lamb” off In Animal Tongue over at the Chocolate Grinder, but the bigger, louder news is that Carla Bozulich is going to be appearing in a number of North American cities, ready to kick your fucking ass if you say one negative word about love. Though some of the later dates are likely to include the whole Evangelista crew, for the most part these shows are AAC (All About Carla), with a little help from John Eichenseer. Consider this tour the latest demonstration of Bozulich’s ongoing scorched earth strategy.


09.08.11 - San Diego, CA - The Tin Can
09.09.11 - Phoenix, AZ - Trunk Space
09.10.11 - Tucson, AZ - Solar Culture
09.11.11 - Santa Fe, NM - Red Cell
09.12.11 - Albuquerque, NM - Low Spirits
09.14.11 - Austin, TX - Mohawk
09.16.11 - Houston, TX - Super Happy Funland
09.17.11 - New Orleans, LA - Mudlark Public Theater
09.20.11 - Knoxville, TN - Pilot Light
09.21.11 - Washington, DC - Velvet Lounge
09.22.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Old First Reformed Church of Christ
09.23.11 - New York, NY - Bowery Electric
09.24.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Bruar Falls
09.25.11 - Easthampton, MA - Flywheel
09.26.11 - Winooski, VT - Monkey Bar (Burlington)
09.29.11 - Montreal, QC - Casa del Popolo
09.30.11 - Toronto, ON - Double Double Land
10.01.11 - Ypsilanti, MI - Woodruff’s (Detroit)
10.07.11 - Chicago, IL - Martyr’s
10.08.11 - Madison, WI - TBA
10.09.11 - Minneapolis, MN - Kitty Kat Club
10.13.11 - Seattle, WA - TBA
10.14.11 - Portland, OR - The Woods
10.16.11 - San Francisco, CA - The Lab
10.17.11 - Los Angeles, CA - TBA

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